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April 21, 2011

Fashion 911

Ok, y’all. I need help. Send out the Bat Signal or whatever – fast.

Setup: Christina’s wedding is in May. I’m the MOH, & all I have left to purchase are my shoes. All of us are wearing different LBDs with colorful shoes. My LBD is a knee-length halter. I have been searching for the perfect blue shoes, but I’m having a really hard time finding shoes I like in my size & the right shade of blue. I don’t really want navy, I’d prefer a cornflower blue or bright(ish) blue, but no patent-leather electric blue. SO, my back-up color is pink.

I’ve put together a list on, & I’d really love it if you’d help me narrow the choices down. (If it helps any, I’m slender built & “average” height)

Take a looksie.

I’d really like to order these by tomorrow (Friday), so don’t dally!


(P.S. If you have suggestions, I’d be glad to hear them! I’ve looked at,, Target, Marshall’s, TJ Maxx, Aldo, Forever 21, Payless,, & I’ve also Googled “blue heels” & every variation I can think of. I’m a size 7 or 7.5, & most of the styles I REALLY like don’t come in my size. I’m a wee bit frustrated, to say the least.)

April 18, 2011

Rollin’ around on $2 worth of gas.

[car engine starts, phone rings]

[Cedric:] Man, this fool ain’t pickin’ up.

[Nelly on answering machine:] You know who it is. Do what you do.

[Cedric:] Ey, yo Nelly. What’s up dog, this Ced the Entertainer. Get at me man. I been hollerin’ at you. Man I been tryin’ to call you ’bout three days. Done called your cell phone, your pager, your voice mail over your mama’s house. Your Uncle Darell and I paged Kyjuan like three times. Ya’ll get at me man. I just want to holla at you playa. You know I’m out here in Cali just doin’ it up, hangin’ out here. You know. Chillin’. Trying to do a little TV. You know how I do it. Rollin’ round here in a big body Benz wit two dollars worth of gas. Ha. Who said it won’t no future in your front? Getting ready to put it down like that with that country grammer right. I heard about it, using them words like St. Louis. HeRRe. TheRRe. Put them two capitol R’s and evr’ thang. Ha. I feel you on that right. I feel you so just get at me so I can do a lil somethin’ for you, flip a few thangs. Just call me back. Whatever. You can’t get me, call over my mama’s house, they know how to page me. They a page me to yo number then I call you back or you could just page my cousin Keith and he’ll call my cousin lil Darrell who got my real pager number and then I’ll you back on his cell phone. He He. Whatever you do playa, do it St. Louis style. Put it down for the STL ight. Now get at me!

Y’all know you jammed out to some old-school Nelly back in the day.

Y’all also know that there isn’t ANYBODY rollin’ around on $2 worth of gas anymore.

April 16, 2011

Right on time.

Instead of looking at it as starting over, I should look at it as another chance to get it right.


On the bright side, at least I already made my midwife appointment for the first week of May.  I figured it would work out to either being my first pregnancy appointment (at 6 weeks) or my one-year TTC appointment + yearly visit. Looks like it’ll be the latter (& as the fates would have it, exactly 364 days since my IUD removal).

April 10, 2011


I’ve had so many post ideas in the past 2 weeks, & now, I can’t think of one. Good grief.

Things have been mostly good around here. I’m pretty sure I’m 7 DPO (days past ovulation) & we had excellent timing this month. Of course, we’ve had excellent timing before & it didn’t mean squat. But, I’m my usual optimistic self, counting down the days until I start testing (T -4 days). I even went so far as to calculate my estimated due date – Christmas.

This also means that on our one-year TTC anniversary, I’ll either be 6 weeks knocked up, or I’ll be seeing my midwife for my yearly check-up & to discuss a referral to a RE (reproductive endocrinologist). I’d prefer the former, obviously.

In the meantime, I’ve been thinking more & more about home birth. We live a good 30 minutes from the nearest (competent) hospital, which means that I’ve always discounted home birth as not an option for us. I just wasn’t comfortable being that far away. But a couple of weeks ago, I dragged Christina with me to a doula meet-n-greet at a local baby store. I met a doula who lives in the town near me (which is farther from the hospital). She teaches Bradley classes, which I plan on taking once we are officially expecting, but she also said she had birthed at home with a midwife. This intrigues me, & I plan on sending her an email to find out which midwife she used. I’m also comforted by the fact that McDreamy could conjure up a police escort if need be 🙂 Maybe a home birth isn’t out-of-reach. Now if only I can convince McDreamy!

I’m definitely going to have to start writing my post ideas down. I know I want to do a “Home Tour” post sometime soon, with pictures of the things that make our house a home. Maybe I’ll go get the camera & start taking pictures.