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April 10, 2011


I’ve had so many post ideas in the past 2 weeks, & now, I can’t think of one. Good grief.

Things have been mostly good around here. I’m pretty sure I’m 7 DPO (days past ovulation) & we had excellent timing this month. Of course, we’ve had excellent timing before & it didn’t mean squat. But, I’m my usual optimistic self, counting down the days until I start testing (T -4 days). I even went so far as to calculate my estimated due date – Christmas.

This also means that on our one-year TTC anniversary, I’ll either be 6 weeks knocked up, or I’ll be seeing my midwife for my yearly check-up & to discuss a referral to a RE (reproductive endocrinologist). I’d prefer the former, obviously.

In the meantime, I’ve been thinking more & more about home birth. We live a good 30 minutes from the nearest (competent) hospital, which means that I’ve always discounted home birth as not an option for us. I just wasn’t comfortable being that far away. But a couple of weeks ago, I dragged Christina with me to a doula meet-n-greet at a local baby store. I met a doula who lives in the town near me (which is farther from the hospital). She teaches Bradley classes, which I plan on taking once we are officially expecting, but she also said she had birthed at home with a midwife. This intrigues me, & I plan on sending her an email to find out which midwife she used. I’m also comforted by the fact that McDreamy could conjure up a police escort if need be 🙂 Maybe a home birth isn’t out-of-reach. Now if only I can convince McDreamy!

I’m definitely going to have to start writing my post ideas down. I know I want to do a “Home Tour” post sometime soon, with pictures of the things that make our house a home. Maybe I’ll go get the camera & start taking pictures.

February 15, 2011

The worst thing about morning sex?

The leakage that occurs afterward.

You know what I’m talking about. You’ve just gotten out of the car, you are walking into work, when BAM! The wet spot is all up in your ladybits. So you oh-so-gracefully shuffle your way in, set down your purse, & high-tail it to the bathroom.

Clean up on the lingerie aisle, please.

But oh, it’s not over. You’re trucking along with your day, with nary a thought to this morning’s events (well, okay, maybe a thought… or two… or, who’s counting?). You stand up to hand a client something, & wait? What’s that?! Oh, damn it.

Sometimes I feel like I should carry a spare pair of undies in my purse. & then I think about how I could make so much money if I invented a machine like the tampon/pad machines in bathrooms that dispensed individually wrapped pairs of undies & they could be in bathrooms around the world & surely 20-something college girls & hookers & probably hot doctors having hot sex in the on-call rooms would put $1 worth of quarters into a machine to get a fresh (albeit cheap) pair of undies. ::deep breath:: Sorry, I kind of got carried away there.

So, back to my original point. Morning sex means that I have to carry the wet spot around with me half the day.

NOT fair.