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March 13, 2011

Ode to Dyson.

I have a VERY important announcement, people.

Like, this will rival the first loaf of sliced bread. Yes, it’s that BIG.

No, I’m not pregnant (yet, that I know of – more on that later).

I am in love.

With this:

This, my friends, is the Dyson DC25 Animal Ball Vacuum.

AKA, heaven on wheel(s).

Purchased last weekend, this vacuum is everything you have ever heard a vacuum should be. It picks up dirt like nobody’s business. It’s light. It’s maneuverable. & it’s pretty.

We bought it on sale at Sears – they were having a 20% off sale (which equaled about $110 off!). That really is the biggest downside of this vacuum – the price. MSRP is $549.99 which is A TON for a vacuum, & the main reason we hadn’t purchased one. Besides, our old vacuum wasn’t dead yet, & we only have an area rug downstairs, & the carpet upstairs doesn’t get that dirty since we are only up there every other weekend. Those were the things we told ourselves, at least.

I’ve been telling McDreamy for YEARS that if he would buy me a vacuum that actually WORKED, then I would happily vacuum more than… well, once it reached a certain level of “gross”.

You see, model housewife I am not. I definitely am not one that vacuums every day. In fact, I consider it awesome if I vacuum 2x per week. The problem with 2x per week vacuuming is that we have pets. Three dogs, two cats, & a bird to be precise. Plus 4 horses, which means mud gets tracked in, too. We have hardwood & tile downstairs, with an area rug in the living room. The stairs & upstairs are all carpet (except for the bathroom). The area rug is by far vacuumed the most – it’s the primary room we use, & the dogs are constantly wrestling each other on it. I vacuumed it with the Dyson the first day, & I had to empty the canister THREE times.

Let that soak in.

THREE times. Area rug. Not a whole room, an area rug.

I was thoroughly disgusted. It really proved to me that we should have never waited this long to get a Dyson. & that our old vacuum was truly HORRIBLE.

Then today, I vacuumed my step-daughter’s room. It’s been a good month since I had vacuumed it, but she’s only here every other weekend, & the animals aren’t allowed in there for the most part (they tend to steal toys/stuffies/whatever & proceed to eat/destroy them). Her room is roughly 10′ x 12′. I emptied the canister TWICE.


What’s so fabulous about the Dyson – it works. I’m actually excited about vacuuming, which means I WILL VACUUM MORE. That sound you just heard? McDreamy hitting the floor. & the ball is a dream. With a flick of the wrist, I can vacuum around dog toys, little girl shoes, & the cat that is oddly not afraid of vacuums.



  • It sucks, literally. It pulls up dirt you didn’t even know was there.
  • Maneuverability. The ball is incredible.
  • It’s light, perfect when I have to haul it up & down the stairs.
  • Did I mention it works? Really well? It does.


  • Price, obviously. If you can find it on sale, BUY IT.
  • It comes with an upholstery brush (that is awesome, BTW) but there is nowhere to put it on the machine. Minor.
  • On the area rug, it doesn’t like to go across the grain of the carpet. It does fine on the regular carpet.

Bottom line:

You will NOT regret buying this vacuum. If it can inspire ME to clean, it has to have magical powers.


*Disclosure: I bought this vacuum of my own free will. I paid for it with money I made at my regular job. Dyson did not ask me to write a review, nor did they contact me at all. I simply love this vacuum & wanted to sing its praises.