Wherever you go, there you are.

& it seems today, I am here.

I had a blog, for a while. But it was anonymous & easy to forget. Especially since I never updated it. I suppose I could go back to it, but I think I would rather start fresh.

If anyone reading happens to be a Grey’s Anatomy fan, you will probably recognize the quote in my header. I am a big fan of Grey’s, & also 1/2 of a Twisted Sister-type relationship (though I don’t share my marital bed – ever). She is my best friend & we often joke that we are the same person. She is definitely more Christina-ish in that she has a very strong drive & a quick wit. I’m the one with Mommy issues, as my mother & I definitely had our differences. As such, I have decided to blog under the name of Meredith. At the moment, we are both married to our McDreamy & TTC a baby (& by that, I mean Meredith & I – my Twisted Sister is getting married this spring & it will be fantastic).

Oh, yeah. That. We are on our 8th cycle TTC. I need a clearing house for all of the pregnancy/birth/baby information I’ve accumulated. Since I haven’t a baby to birth, I’ve decided to birth this blog.

So there you have it.


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